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ART and HEALT - The healingh power of Art

Images of nature can help heal the soul and this, in turn, helps to heal the body. We are all accustomed, I'd to say addicted, to a cold hospital environment, with sterile white walls:
I believe that few things can be more depressing for the soul than a corridor of a hospital or a dormitory. But if we insert in this same environment some beautiful pictures of nature, things change radically. The color and the harmony of art assume, then, the healing power of providing comfort and hope to patients, caregivers and relatives of the sick.

There are now numerous studies (some of which are included at the bottom of this page), by Prestigious institutions and professionals, that show, in scientific terms, such as art and nature can help to create an environment conducive to healing, or at least to the improvement of the patient's hospital stay.
Many are now in the world, but also in Italy, the Institutes of Oncology Care and centers that have been able to incorporate this opportunity with a view according to which, "whatever that may improve the psychological condition of the patients, especially those particularly serious as the cancer patients, is inevitably reflected on their health and their hope of recovery. "
In particular, the placement of paintings and prints with natural subjects produces the following effects:

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety.
  • Lowering of blood pressure.
  • Raising the threshold of pain with a consequent reduction of the need for pain medication.
  • Increased confidence and hope of recovery of patients.
  • Positive psychological effects for patients, visitors and staff.



One of the major studies in this sense, "Beyond traditional treatment ... establish art as therapy," was conducted in collaboration with the Italian Oncology Group for Clinical Research (GOIRC), coordinated by Prof. Francesco Di Costanzo, director of the Department of Oncology at Careggi in Florence, Italy.
"In this study, the researchers identified more than 600 studies that determine how the interior in the hospital may influence the clinical outcome. Results showed that the naturalistic art has a positive impact for the patient reducing stress and allowing them to focus not only on its state of stress "(GOIRC news, 2005).
Three cancer centers in Italy - Ancona, Perugia and Messina - participated in the research. 345 patients from these centers were tested on their perception of the hospital before and after photos of nature were exhibited in the rooms of the treatment of cancer patients. The results show that the vast majority of patients have derived benefit from addiction of artwork on the walls of hospitals.

The artistic types were preferred in order:

Landscapes of Nature (by far the most popular)

  • Animals
  • Scenes of everyday life
  • Portraits
  • Urban Landscapes
  • Abstract art (the least popular)

With respect to the parameter "faith or hope of recovery", in the sample of the research object, this was found to be lower among patients that displayed only sterile white walls, and was found to be higher among the experimental group that was able to observe the photographs of nature for several months.


articolo del G.O.I.R.C.



In-depth article scientific article published in the journal GOIRC news

This article appeared in the scientific journal GOIRC news of the Italian Oncology Group for Clinical Research and the report presents study and experimentation took place in three oncology Italian clinics on a sample of 350 patients. The results are obvious.

In-depth scientific article published on the journal of American Medical Association (JAMA)

Art in Healtcare
by Michael Lehman

Article by Michael Leman, coordinator of human resources and development processes of Leon County, Florida. Founder of the Holding "Bobosart" which deals with innovative solutions that have the basic application of art in public facilities.

Picture of Healt - Handbook for Healthcare Art
by Henry Domke, M.D.

Henry Domke is a Psychologist and Photographer of Nature, which for many years has embraced the cause of the diffusion of the art in hospitals.
His book Picture of Healt - Handbook for Healthcare Art is an in-depht overview of 220 pages in the field of utility of atr like miraculous tool in health structures.


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