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The works not included in the galleries of the limited editions are among the OPEN EDITION PRINTS.
They are produced without the constraint of the limited number of copies but also on valuable papers certified by Epson Inc. and with fine inks. They can be viewed directly on the site of the Artist in the numerous thematic galleries.
Almost all of them, with few exceptions, are printed in the formats and with costs below.


All the prints are certified Digiraphie® By Epson and distributed by


Digigraphie® by Epson ensures the highest standards in the production of fine art certificate digital prints. With Digigraphie the art world can make use of advances in digital technology ensures exceptional quality and durability to the works from the collection so produced. Digigraphie® by Epson is a trademark of validation for the production of certified fine art prints in limited series. Each print is unique, as each edition made ​​by the artist is numbered, signed and accompanied by the warranty card.

203 mm x 304 mm ( 8" x 12" ) ( Canson Platin Extra Fine Art Paper ) € 85,00
304 mm x 457 mm ( 12" x 18") ( Canson Platin Extra Fine Art Pape r) € 135,00
406 mm x 609 mm ( 16" x 24") ( Canson Platin Extra Fine Art Paper ) € 180,00
609 mm x 914 mm ( 24" x 36") ( Canson Platin Extra Fine Art Paper ) € 225,00
203 mm x 304 mm ( 8" x 12" ) ( Canson Fine Art Canvas ) € 75,00
304 mm x 457 mm ( 12" x 18") ( Canson Fine Art Canvas ) € 110,00
406 mm x 609 mm ( 16" x 24") ( Canson Fine Art Canvas ) € 145,00
609 mm x 914 mm ( 24" x 36") ( Canson Fine Art Canvas ) € 220,00

To view the prints consult the archiveson the personal website osf the Artist

All prints are made according to the criteria Digigraphie, on paper and canvas of the highest quality.
(The brands of papers and paintings may change, however, always without loss of quality or detail).

Each print bears my signature at the back and is accompanied by a Digigraphie® authenticity certificate that conforms them to the standards set by the brand.

The formats listed above are the most commonly used but may be required custom size.

The shipment will be carried out in cardboard tube by courier at current prices. Taxes are to be calculate.




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