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  Alberto B. Scalia was born in Tripoli, Libya, on May 2th, 1960. Lives in Latina, close to the limit of the National Park of Circeo, assaulted environment but with areas of exceptional value still. Since childhood, also helped by the extreme nature of his birth country, he felt strong love for nature and the curiosity to know the wild world and its inhabitants. He started photographing at the age of approximately 16 years, with a 35 mm Practika which removed secretly to her father. Earlier especially macro photography that, even now, is one of his favorite areas, later specializing in landscape photography and animals. In 1999 he founded, together with other shareholders, the Popular Tyrrhenian University of Natural Sciences of which he is now Vice President and Director of Studies (www.uptsn.eu). For this Cultural Association has edited, in a five-year period, the construction of the natural site of the Province of Latina, which contains hundreds of birdlife, insects, mollusks, plants and flowers cards, mostly with photographs of his archive (www.systemanaturae-prvlt.net). In 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 he was curator of international exhibitions on marine biodiversity "Gems in Blù" inside of which has exposed numerous photographs. In September 2009 he was chief director and Chairman of the Jury of the international nature photography contest "Instants of Nature - from thousandth to infinity". He edited book presentations of prestigious figures of the Italian natural scene, such as Folco Quilici, having been editor and relator of the presentation of two of his later novels. Currently he conducts photography courses and workshops in the field. Organizes workshops in Italy and in Europe. He travels constantly around the world in search of unspoiled places and exotic animals that tries to represent both with documentary view that with entirely personal artisitc interpretations.  



  • Iceland Iceland
  • On the central Apennin On the central Apennin
  • In the Mojave desert, California In the Mojave desert, California
  • On the Italian Apennin On the Italian Apennin
  • Potographing the Vatnajokull Icelandic glacier Potographing the Vatnajokull Icelandic glacier
  • Stakeout for animals Stakeout for animals
  • In a californian desert In a californian desert
  • Hunting swamps in Iceland Hunting swamps in Iceland
  • On the majestik Jokulsarlon laggon, Iceland On the majestik Jokulsarlon laggon, Iceland
  • On a glacier On a glacier
  • In a lake in central Apennin, Italy In a lake in central Apennin, Italy
  • Waterfall in Norway Waterfall in Norway
  • On a scottish Fjord On a scottish Fjord
  • Central Italy Central Italy




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